This section features samples of original videos by The Gibsonian, and videos clips of regional interest obtained from Public Domain sources. Visit YouTube to view all The Gibsonian's latest videos.

Ballad of John Henry Video

The Ballad of John Henry

This clip is taken from "To Hear Your Banjo Play", a movie narrated by Pete Seeger, in the Public Domain. obtained from

Femmebots Fatales

Opening segment for an imaginary TV series about the misadventures of two female cyborgs from the future and their quest to prevent history from repeating itself. Video and music by The Gibsonian.

The Android Creed

Snake-handling android-monks from the future prepare to interface with the residual hauntings present in the Shirley Donnelly collection to learn more about the extinction of the human race.

Central, W.Va.

A look at Central in 1889, a coal mining operation in the New River Gorge.Today, Central is a ghost town passed by thousands each year who raft the Upper New River in West Virginia's New River Gorge.