This section features streamed MP3 samples of some of the music created by The Gibsonian. You can listen to all the songs by The Gibsonian at SoundClick.

Music: About the Future

The Gibsonian asks the musical question: Is there any hope for mankind -- or was Devo right (about de-evolution)?

Waiting on The Singularity

Waiting on The Singularity, the theoretical future point which takes place during a period of accelerating change sometime after the creation of a superintelligence.

Life After Uploading

Pushing noise towards the ecstatic, Life After Uploading explores the experience of minding uploading, the process of copying one's mind from the natural substrate of the brain into an artificial one, manufactured by humans.

Someone Is At the Door

Sometime in the future, your robotic servants will sing this song to announce each visitor's arrival to your door.

The Android Creed

Sometime in the future, a band space-traveling Android monks visit earth only to find the planet devoid of human life.

Search Is Your Friend

Everything the Android monks learned about the past came from a search engine designed to do no evil. (What could possibly go wrong...)